The New Protected Blog Posts

The email invite to the new protected part of the blog with the password has gone out, which will contain my health updates. If you didn’t get the invite, we missed you. Please comment here, or email me, and we’ll send it. I’m happy to have you walk with me. I just don’t want the nut cases.

Some of you prefer to email me privately, and that’s fine. I’ll respond as I can. I have some degree of aphasia, which makes individual conversations hard for the moment. Some of you have asked to call. Honestly, that’s not possible right now. Hope it will improve.

Sara and friend Louise and I went out to breakfast today. Lowfat yogurt and blueberries and black coffee are out. Thin Swedish pancakes, bacon, and buckets of strong coffee are in. 🙂

There is always a glimmer of great at the edges of life’s hard moments.

Good Scotch too. 🙂

15 thoughts on “The New Protected Blog Posts

  1. Pam!
    You are so funny! Your humor is definitely not wasted on me. When I picture how I will be when I’m at where you are today, I hope I’m as spunky, classy, caring, intriguing and overall amazing as you are. Thanks for inspiring me. Reading Wabi Sabi, acceptance of the imperfect and joy in the now and you are definitely an inspiration. Sorry I practically knocked you over this morning, obviously I couldn’t contain my enthusiasm for seeing you. 🌸
    Thanks for believing in me! We are still having that glass of wine on the patio, when it’s ok. 🤗

  2. Hi Pam,
    So glad you got out for a special breakfast! You are an inspiration to many others. Please send me the password.
    Take Care, Betsy

  3. Wait a minute — are you saying that yogurt and blueberries are out or that you allowed yourself to indulge in the other direction?

  4. CJs Swedish pancakes with blueberries
    and a side of bacon are the best!
    Aphasia passes for a ‘senior moment’ once you are a senior. Don’t worry about words!

  5. Wow, Pam – what a journey. I can’t believe we were walking around the lake just a week before your life took this sharp turn. But we Kearny gals are made of tough stuff and I am glad to see that you have kept your sense of humor through all this. You have always had an extraordinary perspective on life. And it’s wonderful to see how much you are loved and how well you are cared for by your family. You know I will be there in a minute (actually, probably more like 10 hours door to door!) if you need someone to just be close by. As we say in my family, I love you Up To The Sky And Back and, after knowing one another for 69 years, you are certainly part of my family. Keep strong and keep on watching silly TV shows.

  6. Have you watched Vera, the British series with Brenda Brethyn? She’s a brilliant, crabby detective in Yorkshire.

    And if you haven’t, read or listen to Elly Griffiths’ series about forensic archeologist Ruth Galloway. Start at the beginning …

    Loved Tony Shaloub in Mrs Maisel, especially the Paris parts. Alex Borstein as Susie tugs at my heart and makes me laugh.

    I think of you constantly and each thought sends care your way.

  7. Tía Pamela! Espero que pueda sentirse mejor pronto. Me gusta mucho leer su blog. Me gusta su energía y vitalidad. Se le recuerda con cariño desde Panamá
    Si puede me envía la contraseña. Saludos!

  8. for Leslie: I know you are coming… I feel as if I missed a whole week and am a little off. You may have come and gone. I think I will have time, and I really, really want to have lunch with you, even if on my back deck. Your mother and I are friends since second grade. Think about that. How rare and how precious.

  9. Hi Pam,

    I don’t know if you remember me but my name is Brittany and I was your nurse while you were in the hospital. I would love to see the updates if you will allow me to! I’ve been thinking about you a lot and how positive you were even in such a scary situation. I’m sending positive thoughts and prayers to you and your family!


  10. for Brittany: So juiced that you are on board. Where are you — working? Let me know as soon as on.

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