Conscious Aging: June 20 #2

Last week on the way to the hairdresser I was on track for a 100,000 step week. Today, inside, I have 527 steps at 9:30am. Bolix.  I will have more by end of day, but I am not happy at my progress. You get old lady saggy looking legs awfully fast.   🙂

4 thoughts on “Conscious Aging: June 20 #2

  1. Speaking for myself, having saggy old lady legs (at nearly 80) is not great. Not that I ever had great legs, but my mother used to say “great ankles.” But from ankle to knee, think piano legs! However, I like to think that people appreciate my energy, my intellectual interest in lots of things, and my concern for each of them personally. I think that describes you, so dinna fash yersel (look it up :))

  2. Not your legs! A few days of bed rest won’t hurt you. You’ll be up and moving back to normal soon. Remember, the body and mind sometimes take the rest they need…with or without you. You’ll get your steps back on track, for now- heal and trust the process.
    Ours skies were dull and grungy grey with downpours today. Not even a peek a boo of Mr. Sun. ☀️Sounds lovely right? 💦☔️ Looking forward to tomorrow’s skies. Will be looking upward…

  3. for J: I am recovering my strength, which means issues have been with seizures and general hospital stay, not tumor. Good to know. Am so grateful for body awareness/strength. Sara and I went to market yesterday –uneven grass, sidewalk bulges. Got bounced off straight line, but no fear of losing balance or falling. I got this.

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