Conscious Aging: June 20 #1

Here’s where we are so far. I had a biopsy, which we think revealed a tumor. It will take a week or so for the pathology to come back, tumor board to convene, decide on next steps, and meet with us to move forward. Right now there are six or seven teams involved: Neurology, Neuro Oncology, Infectious Disease [Panama TB exposure 50 years ago], Pulmonology [uncles’ farms in Iowa 50 years ago with bare feet in hay that might have funguses], Hematology [IgA] —  you get the idea. Each team comes with an Attending [50-ish], a fellow [close to 40?],  then in descending order a resident, intern, and medical student. The UW is a good teaching hospital and the docs are whip smart, many of them young women. The nurses are uneven — probably all baseline competent, but some stars and some merely well intentioned. Because of the very remote chance of latent TB I was in an isolation room with negative air pressure and everyone on staff who came in had to wear protective gear. Due to HIPPA rules the people who had access to my charts had extra work gearing up but were unworried. The food people and cleaning staff and people who drew blood were terrified. I could have had a 50 year old positive TYNE test or current Ebola or Aids. When I went down for CAT scan everyone looked at me, masked, as if I was Typhoid Mary.

In a week or so, one of these teams will be primary and we will have a plan.

My focus writing about this will be my experience of being in a very new and unknown place. Some will be medical details, but most what I think and feel. Starting this weekend we will password-protect posts related to this journey. We’ll be sending an email with the password information to friends and family. We will include a post here on how to request the password for any blog followers who we might accidentally miss.  The protected password for kids is the same. I still will write occasional political and random posts as I can, but I’m sort of done with Trump. I agree with Nancy Pelosi. He’s not worth it.

The Dems races interests me, though. I have three male friends whose political instincts I trust, and we’re back and forth on Biden. I think he will fade. They think he will win the nomination and defeat Trump and Mitch McConnell will walk from the dark side into the light.

When pigs fly, I say.

So, three possible posts on any given day: #1 kid pics, restricted to those who already have that password.  #2 General, open posts like this. And, #3, my health — password coming.

15 thoughts on “Conscious Aging: June 20 #1

  1. I am sure you will get great attention at
    UW while they unravel this mystery and figure out treatment.
    Would prefer to pass on politics – male friend being treated for advanced prostate cancer has spent the last couple of years ranting about and blaming you know who for everything – it is exhausting.
    Suspect that most of us just want to support you in whatever way(s) we can.

  2. Interesting lot of options to choose from re: cause/diagnosis. Life is never quite a straight line. Hang in while we wait for pigs to fly. Snail-mailed you some photos of Carolina Blue skies yesterday along with some Rufus updates
    Look forward to receiving the new PW. Bask in light and love. P

  3. You are amazing! Facing the challenge of the mystery illness and doing all you can with your wonderful family and your friends from near and far!

    I agree with you and Nancy P, we need a strong Democratic candidate that can articulate policies, philosophies and a plan for the nation. The jury is still out.

    Our skies in Ny are cloudy. Lots of rain and fog. Clear blue skies are expected this weekend!

    Thinking of you!!

    Katie and Ron

  4. Cloudy here but the Mississippi River is back in its banks in our area after a record setting 96 day flood. Finally the barges can move goods up and down the river.

  5. A plan is what you need,. When things are uncertain, it is stressful. Once you know what is going on and there is a plan, grab the bull by the horns and go forward. Fingers crossed.
    As for Biden, I go back and forth. Next few months will give us a better idea if he is the one to beat Trump, which, at this point, is all I care about. If he can pull out enough primary/caucus victories, then that is fine with me. If he doesn’t, then whoever does deserves to be the nominee. On a side note, I prefer Biden to Bernie Sanders. I know he is high in polls, but I think Trump could beat him – AND THAT IS DEFINITELY WHAT I DON’T WANT!

  6. I am struggling to find the right words for what I feel. I admire you so much. I have no doubt but that you will continue to find something valuable in each day, even through this difficult time. You are so fortunate to be surrounded by such a loving family.

    Please let me have the password that I can continue to follow you on all three areas of focus.


  7. Any way you can send me the password for the health updates? I would like to be in the loop so I know how you are doing.

  8. Hi Pam. Thinking of you. I am very keen on staying in touch and following you on your journey. If you feel it appropriate, I would be honored to be included. Conversely, I would feel absolutely no dejection if you felt the need to keep it to a much narrower circle. I will still follow whatever great thoughts you put out on your blog for wider consumption. Soon, I’ll share the favor. For real! Be well, my dear, as best you can. As my grandfather would say to me as I embarked on any new venture or journey, ‘Corragio!’

  9. I will be following your journey and sending good, positive vibes! You are a mighty strong human, Pam but do lean on us for extra doses of love and support!


  10. WildThing19. Am getting caught up well after return from hospital and can’t recall who has access and who not. If this is duplicate am not losing mind — just double covering.

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