Conscious Aging: Out of Hospital

I am out of the hospital and home with Sara and Ben — which feels wonderful. We are all shellshocked. One week ago I was walking briskly to haircut and color at my usual salon, about three miles. An hour in I was unable to speak and was rushed to the hospital  — glad the color was finished and 3/4 of cut. Tell me if you’ve ever seen me grey.  🙂

Yesterday I had a brain biopsy. It’s time to tell you the news was challenging. This weekend we are going to set up a password for those of  you who want to follow along with this journey. If you follow my blog, I think we can include you easily — but, in any case, I’ll post a blog on how to sign up and if you don’t get specific invite please contact us. You are part of my life now. I want to be in touch with you as long as I can. I just don’t want to hear from scammers, miracle cures, and general all around nut cases.

I’m sitting in a comfortable chair, ‘and along with my many meds have permission to have a small Scotch — a very good one — while I watch The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. Sara and Ben are cooking a nice dinner. Many of you took my idea of watching the sky. I like that and feel connected.

All for now. It’s been a long day. More tomorrow. Your love and concern means more to me than you can imagine.

26 thoughts on “Conscious Aging: Out of Hospital

  1. Sending peaceful thoughts to youl. Thanks for the update . I ‘ve been checking in all day. I am so thankful you have your dear family with you.

  2. So glad you are home and getting a home cooked meal! Hopefully the freezer is full of B&J ice cream!

  3. Glad you are home and enjoying a good Scotch in front of Mrs. Maizel. Let me know if there’s anything I can do.

    No, never have seen you gray so it’s good the color was done. Sending our love!

  4. Glad to hear you are home with family. Keeping good thoughts for your complete recovery and for your family as they care for you.

  5. As James Michener said “to use bad English is regrettable. To use bad scotch is unforgivable.” You do neither 🥃 . Welcome home.

  6. Hi Pam, heard the news and want you to know I am on my back porch…on this beautiful late spring evening…thinking of you. I have read your recent comments ,…I am with you in spirit and prayer. So happy to hear you are with your wonderful children. I will read your up dates.
    Much love,
    Sheila DiTullio

  7. Hi Pam,
    What a nice feeling it must be to be able to be home with family right now. Also being able to watch your show on something other than a 3 inch phone screen! 😊 XOXO

  8. I’m in your old neck of the woods – New Jersey. Here to attend the high school graduation of the youngest granddaughter of my closest friend who died in April. I have always been close to these granddaughters , all four of them, all daughters of my friend’s daughter my grandchild. Lynn couldn’t be here; they asked me to please come!
    But to you….challenging was not the word I was hoping for. Of course I want the password.
    You are in my thoughts and I send my love❤️

    PS speaking from one who is totally white, I think grey is lovely 😊

  9. To my honorary DiTullio sister…..You have been forward in my heart and mind since hearing the news of your diagnosis. I am sad and mad and in awe of your grace. I am also in awe of how at a time like this, you tell us how much our connection means to you….regardless of how geographically far flung or episodic our communication may be….I have learned so much about unconditional love/friendship from you. I definitely want the password to stay connected throughout this journey.

    Sending love from your Syracuse sister friend ❤️

  10. Pam, funny how we’ve talked very little, yet with this health issue I think of you daily. Please know that I’m praying for you several times during the day. I’m certainly glad your children are with you.

  11. So glad you are home safe with Sara and Ben, and Ben’s good Scotch. Certainly, a better night’s sleep. Yes, of course, please include me in this conversation as your journey unfolds. After this weekend family gathering, I am at your disposal. Peace, and love.

  12. Alongside you, Pam, as you follow this new path, an unexpected rocky detour. You’ll be our guide, especially us 70+somethings, on a trek we all share.
    Time to gear up & attack that mountain, with the peloton surrounding you. Stage one is starting! Love, Eileen

  13. Glad you are home; everything is better when you get some rest. Watching the sky, saying prayers, sending positive thoughts and thanking God you have been a part of my life’s journey. For someone who says she is an introvert, you have more friends and connections than anyone I know! We are ALL hoping and praying for good things to come. Blessings on Sara and Ben and Matt and Amy. I want to be included in your journey. Love to you always

  14. Such good news to hear you are home. What an unexpected experience for you and the family! Goodness. Of course I would like to be included in this journey, I have been beside you for many so this is no different. Sending you my positive energy for a speedy recovery. Nothing can keep a good woman down, and you my friend are a good woman! Stay strong!

  15. for Mary: Most important of all — stay with me. Didn’t Alice give us a gift all those years ago? Traveling Betties forever.

  16. for Katie: My kids thought I was bat-shit crazy to obsess about my hair. But can you imagine ER with sticky hair dye on board and half “cooked”? Suppose they’ve seen worse. 🙂

  17. for Maria: So glad to hear from you. WildThing19. Let me know if problems getting in. I am so proud to be an honorary DiTullio.

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