Conscious Aging: Day 6 Maybe Biopsy Day

It’s early morning in Seattle  on  Monday, and Sara is here. Matt coming mid-morning. Thank heaven they can keep up with work, sort of, from the hospital.  I’m on the rotation for brain biopsy later this afternoon. Yesterday was complicated. Someone had reinstated my 81mg aspirin, which would have created problems if I’d needed a transfusion during the procedure. Under ordinary circumstances I could have been given proactive platelets, but that brought my longtime IgA deficiency into play. This is already more than you want to know — suffice to say I had to wait 12 hours without aspirin to clear the potential transfusion safety issue. Now we are there.

That said, this is a Level One Trauma center. When I first has my episode, the ambulance people assumed a stroke and quite properly brought me here. Now, the assumption is different and my symptoms are brought under control with meds — rather ponderous ones, I might add. That means I’m not a Level One Trauma patient and can bumped by an emergency that comes in by helicopter, usually. If that happens today, I’ll be moved to the affiliated UW hospital and treated there. In some cities, the trauma hospital and the rest of the services are in one building, like Strong in Rochester NY. Here, they are two.

I’m getting a ton of support and concern from all of you, which is just a great feeling and I’m very touched. Many of you have  asked when you can call or visit. Honestly, I can’t do that. My writing is better — in the first days, I was dictating to the kids. Now, I can write my own updates. But it’s laborious. I keep hitting wrong letters, or double typing words and have to go back. It’s more like typing/retyping and is exhausting. Also, at random times my ability to speak clearly wigs out, usually for under a minute then comes back. But I don”t want to scare you to death. I’m a little used to it. It’s amazing what you can get used to. Given at that, I’m conserving my energy for immediate family.

I’m curious and taking note about what is unaffected: my online Jigzone Puzzles, which Tia Phyllis put me on to, and Mrs. Maisel, which I’m watching on Netflix on my phone.

Not how I planned my gorgeous Seattle summer.

I like a lot that many of you are looking at the sky with me, which is what we can share, and telling me what you see. There’s always a way to stay connected.

14 thoughts on “Conscious Aging: Day 6 Maybe Biopsy Day

  1. Totally understand about the visiting – I always ask people not to visit when I am in the hospital.
    Glad they caught the aspirin problem and that you are keeping your brain active!

  2. Hi Pam,
    Thank you for the updates! All good energy, thoughts and prayers are coming your way from myself, Carrie, Maricela and everybody else at CJS, as well as from all over the country and the world no doubt! It’s funny how I didn’t realize how much I enjoyed your weekly visits to us at work.. I already miss seeing you, and it’s only been a week. Louise came in last Thursday to let us know what happened. I hope she continues to visit us and hold your table until you are ready to return for your over easy eggs and ham. You are such a kind, caring, generous soul and I am so looking forward to your recovery and talking more. You are such a cool human! I feel like you have amazing stories to tell about your life, and I want to hear everything! ❤ Erika

  3. for Erika: Lovely message. You have no idea how much it means. I love my weekly breakfast there too.:)

  4. for Lisa: Resuming the aspirin was “lack of anticipating biopsy”, so not officially a mistake. Just not as forward thinking as might have been.

  5. Kudos to the nurse or doctor who discovered the aspirin problem – much better to wait and not risk complications. Some days patience pays off.
    I hope everything goes according to schedule this afternoon. Keep puzzling 🙂

  6. In eastern Iowa above the still flooded Mississippi River the sky is partly sunny. Sending healing thoughts your way.

  7. Just finished visiting the Adirondack Museum and enjoyed the exhibit about Anne LaBastille, the author of the Woodswoman series. Such a strong woman with a wonderful attitude. Reminded me of you! Tonight when I look at the sky from my campsite at Lake Durant with Blue Mountain in the background and the haunting song of the loons, I’ll think of you looking out at the Seattle skyline. Best wishes, Pam, for easier days ahead. Love, Randi

  8. Pam!
    Sending strength, love, wisdom, acceptance and prayers for you and yours. You’re an exceptional human.

  9. Been away all day, but you have never been far from my thoughts. Hope all went well today. I anxiously await the results. Sending all my love………………

  10. You are amazing and so is your wonderful family. Just to keep up with what’s going on, it’s very rainy and humid in New York today and tomorrow. This weekend I’m running my 50th high school reunion! I went to a small private high school and only had 107 in my class. But we have been a very tight class and have consistently had a reunion every five years. This year I have some help so we have 45 people coming which is great. It will be very interesting.

    Wishing good thoughts across the country. With love and smiles!.

  11. for Joyce: Love this image. The idea of sky was inspired, in retrospect — catching up with these long after home from hospital. I was lying on my bed thinking what I could do to feel connected. I had a not so great view, but could see the sky. And I figured you could see the sky, so bingo. We York girls loved our Dad’s family. Every August, 2 weeks. We crossed the Mississippi at Burlington, or near, where Uncle Owen and Aunt Dorothy lived. He wasn’t a farmer, worked in a munitions plant. But when we crossed the bridge, we were THERE. This is long ago. Do you have any inkling where that crossing might have happened?

  12. for Carrie: Because you know what exceptional feels like. What’s that old stock phrase, takes one to know one? I will come in as long as I can. Maybe weekday, when less busy. Crowds on Saturday a little jarring. No clue why — I usually like the lively crowd.

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