15 thoughts on “Conscious Aging: More on Biopsy Day

  1. Who is Job when one is waiting a brain biopsy! How aggravating. Hang in there, Pam! Love and hugs across the miles.

  2. Pam, I immediately thought of the little kid in PEANUTS who snatches the football away ..just at the last second. “Someone”decided you needed to practice that Patience virtue. You are earning lots of “points.”
    You are more than ever in my thoughts. You are strong and determined. You are loved.

  3. You are strategic, intelligent and thoughtful. So my sense is you will persevere even without lots of patience. Just means you have to wait a bit longer for Ben and Jerry’s.

  4. Good luck on the patience. Hospitals tend not to be the best spot to “hurry up.” Many a day and night spent waiting. Try to relax and do mindless crosswords, catch up movies, sleep and talk with family. Stay strong.

  5. for J: Interested in what I can do and what is impaired. Can do online puzzles, writing blogs although slower. My handwriting is legible but not great. Speech good but random wig outs, usually less than a minute then comes back.

  6. for Mary: I am taking a strong anti-seizure med, which hits like a ton of bricks. Doc asked me what I felt like after taking, and said “five fingers of Scotch chugged.” He was clearly not a Scotch drinker and didn’t get it. πŸ™‚

  7. I’m not a Scotch drinker either, but I get it! (You may remember.)
    Thank you for maintaining communication. I’m sure everything is a monstrous effort. Thinking of you….

  8. for Louise: Catching up long after home. Communication easier. What I have been feeling is aftermath of seizures and hospital… not tumor. As I feel better, writing/talking easier.

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