Conscious Aging: Change on Biopsy Day

Those of you who have had more experience with hospital process know that things rarely go directly from A to B to C to D. For reasons too hard to explain and rather random to boot, there will no biopsy today, Monday. At some point I will be transferred to the other UW hospital. I will have the procedure, here or there, get a diagnosis, develop a treatment plan, recover from the biopsy, and go forward.

I’m feeling stable medically. I am practicing calmness and acceptance.

My goal is to finish both seasons of the The Marvellous Mrs. Maisell by the time I go home. That I can control.

And how is your day going?🙃

26 thoughts on “Conscious Aging: Change on Biopsy Day

  1. This is pretty typical, hurry up and wait, even in the best hospitals! Your posts are wonderfully written and very encouraging! I had a cardiologist appt. today and have to go for a stress test soon.

  2. What other UW hospital? If you are at NW near Northgate they are not known for brain surgery. What does your primary care doctor say? This is no joke time! I was miss diagnosed twice and finally correctly in LA. Had to wait 2+ months to get on the 2 surgeon’s schedules who were going to be excavating in my head for 5 hours. Luckily had friends in LA that I could stay with after the surgery. To get to LA I had to ask a neighbor with 4 wheel drive to drive me to the airport in a snow storm. Flight to LA was cancelled, managed to get on another flight. My medical records went missing, the blood I donated (fortunately did not need) never arrived, they were praying on the hospital loud speaker for the rain to end so more employees could make it to the hospital. Both surgeons told me I would probably have some visual problems/ facial paralysis. My reply was let’s just do the best we can and get the show on the road. Fortunately everything turned out ok! Let me know if you need anything or if there is anything I can do to help.

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  3. Oh my a weekend stay. Put sara and Matt on them…they’ll get things done! My love to you in your patience building….😃

  4. Nothing wrong with a little impatience! Pam, am so sorry you have to endure another long night of waiting. Who could sleep?! “The M Mrs. M” is a good distraction plan. Would love to hear your review when all is done.
    Much love, Eileen

  5. Okay. That says that they knew they were the wrong team, so that;s not a bad thing.

    Keep this image of the team who will do this procedure fixed in your head. They have trained their whole careers to take care of you. They are the right ones. Each has a role to play, a tiny part of whole, and they are brilliant at what they do. When they go into action, it will be in perfect, skilled synchronicity, wherever they are and whoever they are, Each one has a gift to give to you, It’s their mission and their calling — to take care of you. And we are all with them and with you.

  6. We love the marvelous Mrs. Maisel. Just as you went to the Jersey shore as kids, my family and I went to the Catskills. Great time for you to BingeWatch.

    Let us know the address of the new hospital. Make sure not to watch Fox News, don’t want your blood pressure going up. All the best.

  7. Ack, I am sorry you are still stuck in the “waiting room”. Good plan to watch Mrs. Maisell and stay calm.
    Mary Ross’s image of the dream team of surgeons working on you is a perfect meditation.

    Today’s Rochester sky was a deep blue with wispy clouds and sun. Sending healing thoughts your way.

  8. Pam!! This is Erika, CJS…I am so worried and upset…I would love to see you, talk to you, or have any sort of communication. You are such a rare gem. Such a special person.. You are very much missed! If there is any way you can have visitors, or a phone call…please let me know. We all miss you…also, a super duper strong mimosa is waiting in the wings! ..❤❤❤❤❤

  9. Good to hear from you. Biopsy tomorrow. Unless things go really south really fast, I think I will have time. Life is hard, yes? Right now talking and writing are hard because of brain mass. I have to write and rewrite…words come out wrong. Tiring. Will let you know when we know. Means a lot that you are in my corner. Love.

  10. Pam! You really have been an inspiration.. The few things I have learned about your life from you, then Louise told me about your blog…after checking it out…I feel like I want your autograph! Lol, what a beautiful human you are. I feel like I am honored to even know you! Seriously, you are just a good soul. Please let me know if I am able to visit you!!!

  11. Hi Pam, admiring your wit and reflections upon this experience and sending you my encouragement and love.

  12. for Bob: thank you. Glad you are aware of this. Have trip planned to NY and Jersey shore in August. Going to be a grumpy soul if I can’t go. Won’t know until we have diagnosis and treatment plan.

  13. for Erika: love hearing from you. Hoping to get home and to be able to come it… although mimosa is out due to killer meds I have to take right now. I’d be on the floor with a sip. But I’ll hold you to it for later. See blog post today for visit situations.

  14. Pam,
    Well, my dear friend, here we are. You, writing about a chapter in your life and I a faithful reader. Of course, much as I love a good page turner, you could dial back the excitement just a tiny bit, couldn’t you? Even though simple messages of love and support and visualizations of your energy and your light carrying you through may seem wrote, I’m writing them anyway. See, you don’t get to be the only stubborn one around here 🙂 And, I’m now impatient, too. We’ve got conversations to pick up on, insights to share and gripes to out-gripe one another with about the disarrayed state of current affairs.

    But we do what writers do, eh? Write. You continuing to do so inspires me to follow suit. (Insert foot in butt here. I bet you didn’t know the extent of your foot’s reach now did you? By all means, keep swinging.)

    Of the many recent posts you’ve made (outside those focused on your physiological rebooting) one I’d been meaning to comment on was about old Joltin’ Joe Biden. I really like and respect Joe. Although despite that there have been a number of his positions of which I’ve found myself on the opposite side. I’ve come to view his presidential bid as I’ve come to view in the same way a plethora of people with their hands on the political joy stick and unwilling to release it unless their hand turns cold and dead. That view is (and forgive me a bit of a sports metaphor here), in the game of politics (and power and let’s not forget money!) those who reach a natural point where ‘coaching’ the current team of fresh athletes is better for the team and themselves and the game (let alone the fans) instead can’t – won’t – stop putting and keeping themselves on the field of play. I think Joe Biden is a clear example which proves my point. Followed up very closely by Mr. Sanders.

    As a white male who has collected a few years on this planet, I cannot ignore the fact that a great number of old white men have contributed greatly to how this world dis-functions. This voter craves something – somebody – different. Somebody learned. Somebody with ideas (fresh ones, please). Somebody who is not male. Nor necessarily white. And, I crave to see a promising athlete and not an old coach in the game.

    Thanks for inspiring me to write. Thanks for being my friend. Thanks for sharing your journey. Thanks for allowing me to join you on it. Heal, rest and continue to carry on as you always gracefully do.

  15. for Katie: It’s UW Medical Center.– still at Harborview, and looking good for biopsy in next round. If so, I might likely go home from here after a couple days recovery. Will let you know.

  16. for Mary: I like this image, gives me hope. 🙂 Dying to see you with pic of baby. What will he call you?

  17. for Eileen: So good to hear from you. I love Mrs. M. I didn’t know Jerry then, but most of my friends were Jewish growing up — not rich New York ones, Kearny ones. But this was the culture. And the coats and dresses and cars are spot on.

  18. for Lisa: With any luck will have biopsy here at Harborview today and go home from here after a few days recovery. Then kids will do research on best program anywhere for what I have — not clear yet until biopsy.

  19. for Steve: Love your message. I can’t get excited about Biden, although he does seem to be legitimately leading. I think he’ll fade, but who knows.

  20. Pam

    Being out of control when we usually think otherwise is a humbling and aggravating experience I am sorry that you are in that situation and I admire your fortitude. You may recall that Susan had a brain tumor and subsequently went to medical school

    Sending you positive vibes and hugs. Pls send hospital address. Xxx

  21. for Linda. I do recall Susan’s episode. Will be home on Tuesday, right now at Sara and Ben’s. my home is 2105 3rd Ave West 98119.

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