Conscious Aging: Day Four

Dear friend and massage therapist Nicki tells me to be gentle and accepting with my body. Today I can stand and walk across my room, speak mostly clearly, eat, lift both hands, smile, and write a short post.

I am accepting.

My son and daughter are by my side, and their spouses are caring for kids and running around with everyone’s needs. My sister Wendy came from New Jersey to help.Older sister Linda will come later in the week.

Early in the week I will have a brain biopsy and we will get a diagnosis. Your love and support, prayers, hope for a miracle, give us strength.

Stay with me.Ā  If I lose words, you will remember my language, my humor, my occasional sarcasm. šŸ™‚ That matters.

Today is a gorgeous day in Seattle. I am grateful. I can see the sky from my bed.

Look at the sky with me.



11 thoughts on “Conscious Aging: Day Four

  1. Pam, Sally & I are looking at your sky & listening to your voice & words from here in cloudy, windy Nantucket where Sally arrived yesterday. It is hard to be 3,000 miles away when life throws a curveball like this but your spirit is here with us & ours are with you. We will be there in body & spirit whenever the time is right., Amiga.

  2. How wonderful to hear your voice here, Pam.

    I think of you as someone who loves fiercely, delves deeply, searches widely and laughs like crazy. You observe and also act. You care. You’ve built an extraordinary community of family, friends and strangers.
    I dreamed of you last night and woke smiling because I know you.

    Rest, heal, and let yourself be loved. And go home to your herbs. They need you too.

  3. Dear Pam,
    Thank you for sharing your life, your self, your experiences, through your fingertips on a keyboard. You do so with extraordinary skill. I see you in the healing light of the love of your family, and in the hands of skillful caregivers. I wish with all my heart that I could hold your hand. You are strong and you are determined. I am holding those thoughts, with love.

  4. Pam, ah so good to read your words. I am so glad you have good strong family support present with you. All your blog readers and your friends are rooting for you. It is not easy to be in “the waiting room” of medical diagnosis, but I must say your way of handling this is truly inspiring.

    Yes, I looked at the sky this morning – a classic Rochester bright overcast – which is actually the perfect light for a photographer like myself to take pictures.

    I send my love and support to you and picture you in my mind as healing and thriving.

  5. Dear Pam,
    So sorry you are experiencing technical difficulties with your health.
    You can join our hole in the head club.
    Greg is president because he has had brain surgery twice.
    Thinking of you – please let me know if there is anything I can do to help.

  6. I have always admired you. Think you are an extraordinary person. Your extraordinaryness is once again shining through. I send my love and anxiously await the results of your tests.

  7. I am so relieved to hear from you. Please get well. You are such an inspiration to me.

    I have been on a cruise on my 38ā€™ sailboat south to the Keys, up the West Coast of Florida, and are on our return on the east coast to our home port south of Daytona Beach.

    So, tonight, in my cockpit, I will look at the sky with new eyes, and send all my positive energy towards your recovery.

    I have not met you, Dr.Klainer, but I know you through your eagerly awaited blogs and view of life. I love you, Pam. Please get well soon.


  8. So happy to see your blog written by its’ author! Some responses are written by people who have never met you, but have been moved by your words! So many people love and care about you, Pam, I hope this will help you continue to be a guide in this world of ours.

  9. Sending my love and strength to you all. Accept the support from family and friends. We all love you. Your a strong woman and will pull through this !
    Stay positive and open. Heal well my dear friend.

  10. Can see the rainy Binghamton sky through the trees, & thinking of you in sunny Seattle. This waiting for a dx. is so hard, but I know your family will be at your side to support you. Keep your beautiful posts coming!

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