Conscious Aging: Day 4, Update 2

My seven year old grandson told his Daddy he hoped what was wrong with my brain is ADHD, because he could help me and teach me what to do. He told YaYa that ADHD isn’t so bad. You get in get a little trouble at school but the rest is OK.

Honestly, I am incredibly blessed with the people, young and old, who love me.

Probably no update on Monday, biopsy day.

Hope for Tuesday.

Hang in there with me.

12 thoughts on “Conscious Aging: Day 4, Update 2

  1. Thinking of you all the time. You have incredible support from Klainer West, Linda, Wendy and your wonderful family and all your friends around the world. Can you advice from your grandson is just incredible.


  2. for Phyllis and all: We are reading all of your comments, and are grateful. Hard for me to respond individually… some aphasia. Keep them coming. Phyllis, I can still do Jigzone Puzzles. That area of brain not affected. 🙂

  3. We are hoping for the best for you Pam here in Iowa City. Glad you are surrounded by family..
    Price and Kris

  4. Dear Pam and Family….I am just now seeing this! You are always amazing and wise—in good times and in challenging times. Prayers and good vibrations on the way. This is a challenging time to say the least and your graciousness in the face of this unknown is inspiring. But you have always inspired me.

    My thoughts are with all of you. Thank you for keeping us informed as you can. Love and more….Maria

  5. Only these innocent little babes can make us smile during the toughest times. You are in my thoughts.

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