Conscious Aging Update

We’re grateful for your concerns and questions. Thanks for your expressions of love.

On Wednesday afternoon, Pam started having trouble speaking and responding, and was taken to the ER. The speech has largely come back, but there are some concerns in the tests that require further diagnosis. We expect to be in the hospital at least through the weekend and into next week. Pam isn’t ready yet to take calls or visits, but we’ll respond to email as quickly as we can.

Much love,


11 thoughts on “Conscious Aging Update

  1. Thanks for keeping us informed. Wishing all the best for Pam and all of you supporting her.

  2. I’m sending all good vibes from NJ to Seattle for your mom. Please tell her I’ll be keeping her in my thoughts…and you and the rest of your family, too, as you take good care of her. love, lynne

  3. Thanks for the update. Your mother has been in my thoughts since the message yesterday. Just tell her that we expect her to get up and get going asap. Her unexpected issues are exactly why we of a certain age need to be near our children. I am sure she will agree.

    Best to everyone involved. Hugs to Pam Linda

  4. Thank you for the update Sara! Hope all goes well with the testing and she recovers quickly. She is an amazing woman as I’m sure the family knows. Thinking of you all. Send her my love.

  5. I really appreciate you taking the time to post the update on Pam’s situation, Sara. You and your family have a lot to attend to right now and I know Pam would be pleased that you kept her blog readers and friends informed. Pam is in my thoughts each day and I hope for a good diagnosis and a speedy recovery. Her hairdresser acted very quickly which is definitely a plus in this situation.

  6. I appreciate you posting an update on Pam’s situation, Sara. You have a lot to take care of right now and I know Pam would be pleased that you kept her blog readers and friends informed. I think of Pam each day and hope for a speedy diagnosis and a good recovery. Her hairdresser’s quick and astute response is a plus.

  7. Thank you Sara. In the context of the situation, I appreciate your kindness to us in writing this. It means a great deal to me, my family and so many others. Please take care of yourself as well.

  8. Hi, Pam! JUST REPORTING: I went to see “Woodstock: Three Days That Defined a Generation” — without you-:(( (You were the one who encouraged me to get a ticket.) You would love it, so please look for it on the web. It certainly expanded my decades old impression of Woodstock as nothing but a mud bath. It was a phenomenon — over 400,000 people gathered over a few acres “making do” with …chaos. Well, they did get to hear Joan Baez, Santana, the Grateful Dad, Bob Dylan, and an A-list of rock stars (including newcomer Jimi Henddrix) any one of whom would later charge hundreds of dollars for one concert. And, basically, Woodstock turned out to be a FREE concert because the organizers lost complete control of the event. And (according to this movie) there were no shootings, no riots, no deaths. The movie was a compelling 90 minutes. Such an event could never happen today,I believe (sad to say).
    Please continue to pass all the tests that are given you. Please be well. Please come home soon.

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