Conscious Aging: Sudden Change

Life happens in a flash. On Wednesday I was at the hairdresser and by the end of my haircut I was in an ambulance headed to the hospital with a cerebral emergency. Not a stroke. Not clear what the diagnosis is. We’ll update when we have more information.

I’m not able to take phone calls yet, but my kids will help respond if you leave a comment here or send an email.

12 thoughts on “Conscious Aging: Sudden Change

  1. Thankfully Pam’s hairdresser was quick to respond and did the right thing by sending her immediately to the hospital. Please keep me posted…am thinking of you Pam.

  2. I am flying west to see you tomorrow, Pam. But it’s a late flight so it may be Saturday morning. Love you.

  3. Heal quickly, dear friend. I send love to you and the whole family. Thank goodness for Klainer West and the power of you all together.

    (Only you would be blogging this after such an experience…)

  4. So sorry to hear this. Responded yesterday but comment didn’t post. Would appreciate being informed. Thx

  5. Oh Pam – when I checked in this morning I knew something was up. But you are strong and have tremendous support – you will be out and back at it soon I’m sure. I will hope to see good news here shortly.

  6. NOt sure my comment from yesterday posted. Hope doctors figure this all out very soon and that you will be back home in no time. My good wishes and love are sent across the miles………..

  7. Sorry to hear this, but know you are in excellent hands medically and with family. Wishing you well, and may you have a quick recovery.
    Love, Phyllis

  8. Dear Pam,
    Hoping you recover quickly. Klainer West and Wendy will take good care of you. Wish I was closer. You are amazing, blogging from the hospital. Waiting to hear how you are!

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