The 2020 Democratic Field

Might be wishful thinking, but my sense is growing that we’re in the midst of a generational change election. Longtime Rep. Eliot Engel, whose district encompasses parts of the Bronx and Westchester County, is getting a Democratic primary challenger for the first time in years, maybe decades. Engel is 72. Shades of the stunning victory by AOC.

By that standard, Biden is looking old. I’ve heard some of his gee-whiz folks answers to Trump taunts, and they don’t impress me. Biden certainly is getting under Trump’s skin. Granted no one has figured out how to effectively counter Trump’s nastiness and go-for-the-jugular campaign persona, so Biden deserves his chance. He’s ahead in the polls against other Dems, ahead of Trump in one-on-one matchups, and ahead in fund raising. We’ll see, once the pace of the campaign speeds up, whether Biden can stay the front-runner. That’s a tactful way of saying we’ll see if the old guy can keep up.

Of the top tier Dems, I’m liking Buttigieg.  Is the country ready to consider a gay man ahead of a woman? Alas, yes. I thought the country was growing more comfortable with women as leaders and moral agents in our own right. Electing Trump tells us otherwise, plain and simple. If being a serial groper of women isn’t disqualifying on its face, then we have a long way to go as a country. The recent rash of control-women-at-all-costs laws in red states furthers the case.

Buttigieg is whip-smart, has boots on the ground military experience, is actually running something — although a small city to be sure — is articulate and quick on his feet, and his positions just might thread the needle between moderate and progressive Dems, at least enough to get him elected.

Will rural Alabama or Pennsylvania vote for a gay man? No. But they won’t vote for a Democrat anyway, regardless.

You know what the Trump campaign, and Mr. Nasty in Chief, would do with a gay man as an opponent. But it’s going to be ugly anyway, just because of who Trump is.

I’m watching the campaign with interest, and with some hope.

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