High School Kids and Uber Eats

Well, it’s not only high school kids who are tempted to replace school cafeteria food with UberEats or one of the other app-activated delivery services. Any kid with a cell phone and a lunch period can do it.


When I lived in my Belltown apartment building with mostly young neighbors, you could get run over between 6pm and 8pm by the number of fast delivery food service people beating a path to the concierge desk with carefully wrapped bags of microwaveable gourmet take-out. Heaven forbid you should have an emergency leak or something during that time. Building staff were entirely occupied being the conduits for Seattle’s vast array of online food vendors.

I can well imagine why busy high school front offices are loathe to be in that role. Then there is all the added mess from the discarded containers, greasy wrappings and leftover partially consumed food items. Perhaps most importantly, school food services make some attempt to provide lunches that are nutritionally balanced and healthy for students.

This is probably a natural extension in some ways for students used to ordering things online. But no, schools can’t become food delivery heaven. Too chaotic, too unhealthy for students favoring greasy burgers and salty fries every day, and too unfair to the kids without the means to tap an app just because the day’s cafeteria menu doesn’t excite.

One thought on “High School Kids and Uber Eats

  1. Not just for yuppies (if that expression is even still used). Was with one of my book clubs today – all over 65 except for one who is 50. We were commenting on how much easier it is for the “elederly”now than it was it our parents’ day what with grocery stores offering delivery of your food which you have ordered on line, multiple food delivery services (grub hub, etc.), not to mention Uber/Lyft.. Would you agree?

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