Getting to Know Seattle: Occidental Square

Farther along my walk I came to Pioneer Square, which is touristy, and a few blocks from that Occidental Square, which isn’t.

Poor Seattle and rich, trendy Seattle exist literally a few steps from each other. Occidental Square is a lovely, shady urban respite. During the work week there are food trucks selling lunch to the many workers who walk over during the mid-day break. There are tables and chairs, games like ping pong, chess, and bean bags, often live music. There are small eateries and specialty shops all around the square. On weekends there are urban festivals.

There is always a long table where free sack lunches are provided to the poor, often homeless, who hang around. Just across the square are the hot new coffee shops, bars, and expensive places to get a sit down lunch with wine.

Occidental Square.Trendy shops to right of tree line. Tables with free sack lunch to left.

Poor Occidental Square, the free lunch line.

Trendy Occidental Square

2 thoughts on “Getting to Know Seattle: Occidental Square

  1. for Ada: Excellent idea! Closer to the time I’ll send some ideas. The time will go by quickly. So I can begin to narrow down, would you be more interested in visiting Uwajimaya Market, a huge Asian grocery in the International District where they have things we’ve never even seen much less know how to cook, followed by Dim Sum lunch, or go to architecturally significant Rem Koolhaas library?

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