The Neat and the Wild

I like order around me, always have. Part of deciding to put in cedar fencing in my yard was to manage the fact that my  neighbors — who are great guys and good neighbors in all respects that matter — have wildly overgrown, unattended yards. They were most accommodating about my ripping out foliage rooted in their yards but over-growing into mine in order to install the fence. But it would have been quite another thing to ask permission to get their wild bushes in order. Maybe they like them the way they are.

A visitor asked how I feel about the crazy intertwined bushes that give something of a chaotic backdrop to my fence, wondering if the disarray bothers me. Actually it doesn’t. It’s not my disarray. More to the point, these thick bushes are home to many, many songbirds who come into my yard to drink at the birdbath. Hummingbirds emerge in order to eat seeds from the red hot pokers. Robins peck the ground looking for worms. Bluebirds do battle with the other birds, chasing them away.

When the guys were ripping out the foliage on my side they found evidence that the raccoons were living in the most overgrown part of the bush. I think we’ve torn enough away so that’s no longer true, although clearly the raccoons have stayed in the neighborhood. I wish they were gone entirely, but oh well. My grass seems to be rooted enough so that rolling it up is no longer so easy.

I think I have the best of all worlds.

4 thoughts on “The Neat and the Wild

  1. for Phyllis: My neighbor did recently contract with my yard guy to have his grass cut when they come to cut mine. Neighbor on other side is entirely au naturel. However it grows…

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