Conscious Aging: Lunch with Connie and Laurie

Connie and I live here in Seattle; our friend Laurie lives in New York. We grew up three Kearny girls in the 1950’s. Laurie and I have known each other since second grade. There’s something uniquely giggly about having someone in my life now who was part of the third grade class play at Roosevelt School where I was Queen Isabella. I was quietly smart as a kid but shy and not often the star. Can’t imagine how the role came about. Connie lived in a different part of town and went to another elementary school, but we all became friends at Lincoln Junior High School, 7th grade, and stayed together through high school. And here we are.

Laurie and Max have been married over 50 years, have one kid in New York and one here, one small grandchild. Connie was widowed after long marriage, has one kid here and one in London, three step-grandsons. I am widowed after long marriage, have both kids here and two grandkids. Connie and I are retired, Laurie still takes on professional projects as they interest her and she has the time. We three are in rather fine fettle for our age, having each had our share of life’s sweetness and its vicissitudes. And here we are, walking around Green Lake and having lunch.

These old friendships work best when you are interested in each other now, as “do you remember” is a small part of any thriving relationship. I love these women. When together, we pick up the conversation without a hitch even though it may have been months since all three have been together.

This is what friendship is now, as people live here and there, on opposite coasts instead of around the corner. The friendship is always present in your heart, and only sometimes in daily life.

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