Update on WordPress Tech Glitch

I get that software developers like to keep making things better. For me, if something works and satisfies my needs, I wish they’d leave well enough alone.

WordPress did something on their platform that inadvertently created my login problem. Alas, it’s not something they can fix by rebooting or whatever. Their developers have to invent a fix, or a workaround. I’m guessing the problem has affected more users than me.

Time line for the fix is indeterminate. I can still get into my site, using a different pathway. But it’s not working the way it did or, in my view, the way it should.

O ye of little faith user of the internet that I am, I’ll repeat my warning: if I’m suddenly off line, it’s almost certainly not me. It’s the software developers, trying yet again to re-invent the world. Stay tuned.

2 thoughts on “Update on WordPress Tech Glitch

  1. Does that have something to do with the large print on some of the e-mails? Not this one, but others which requires scrolling down before being able to read. Has been that way for a few weeks. To be honest, I like the ones without the large print much better. I can read them on the side bar.

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