Jared Kushner Speaks

Jared Kushner rarely speaks publicly, which as it turns out is a really good idea. God knows what he talks about behind closed doors with MBS, or with Bibi, or with immigration officials on the Texas/Mexico border. We’ll find out once Trump and his merry band of incompetents are out of office.

Privileged young white men like Kushner often forget that they got where they are because they have rich fathers and fathers-in-law who buy them entry and clean up their messes when they falter. If you want more specifics, Google “Kushner + 666 Park Avenue”. Regardless of his pricey misstep, Kusher apparently has supreme confidence in his ability. God help us.

Kushner recently allowed himself to be interviewed by Axios. How did it go? Vox called the interview “epically cringeworthy.” Slate called it “a clown show.”

Kushner, like his father-in-law Trump, is an entirely transactional person. He believes that if he can get Gulf states to throw some money toward the stateless Palestinians, they will forget all about their stolen land and lack of political rights and swoon over the Deal of the Century. As clueless as Mike Pompeo is, even he owned up to the fact that the Deal of the Century is one that only Israel can love.

You have to dig really hard in the Trump administration to find someone who is not clueless, corrupt, or incompetent — or all three. Nikki Haley is probably the exception, but then, she left her post and is taking a hiatus in the private sector.

We have at least another 18 months of this foolishness. Four more years and our democracy will be beyond repair.

7 thoughts on “Jared Kushner Speaks

  1. We are currently under the reign of incompetents, I agree. However the way out of this disaster is strength and unity in the Democratic Party with an outstanding competent leader. Will that happen? I fear that the current slate of candidates will not get us there.

  2. for Katie: And we have a new one, a Republican donor, wife of a coal baron in Kentucky, who is now being proposed as UN ambassador. Shades of Betsy DeVos. Trump has absolute contempt for experience, competence, diplomatic skill.

  3. for Katie: And I’m underwhelmed by the Democratic slate too. No one is breaking out, and Biden is flat out too old.

  4. I disagree with Katie a bit, on the competence of the Democratic field. There are some highly competent, smart, and experienced candidates in the running. However, right now it’s hard to sort them out, and to know if the voters will accept them. Or if they can make their case to the public. I am very impressed with Elizabeth Warren and what she proposes, but she’s in competition with other capable women. Wonder if the debates coming up soon will help us sort out and winnow the field.

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