Budding Gardener: Who Knew Mulch Came In Kinds?

Home services in my former hometown of Rochester, NY, were less costly and more comprehensive than they are here in Seattle. I could tell Broccolo and Company that I wanted grass, trees, and shrubs healthy, weed free, trimmed, and green. I added that I wanted plants to add color three seasons of the year, a mix of annuals and perennials. I smiled sweetly and said I never wanted to touch the dirt — and voila! It was done.

Here in Seattle I do some, and the two different landscapers I use do some. My friend Nicki, a master gardener herself, does my pots as a birthday gift. Because no one here uses chemicals, only organic, some things — like chemical weed killer– aren’t done by anyone. We dig weeds out by hand. I have to say things look gorgeous — even though spring has been dry enough to qualify as a drought and I’m watering like mad.

I was out changing the sprinkler in front when the gym manager where I belong walked by. He stopped, enthralled by the garden, and asked what kind of mulch I use. Apparently as a second job he does the gardening at the condo building where he and his wife live.

Mulch comes in kinds?

I told him I’d talk to Gonzalo and find out.

I’m happy with my new skills, and am having quite a bit of fun exchanging gardening tips with friends who are long time and experienced gardeners. But when someone gets down to the fairly basic nitty gritty, like what kind of mulch I use, my status as a rank newbie is revealed. 🙂

Here are my birthday pots. Gorgeous, no?

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