Trump’s Rudeness Abroad

What does it say about Trump’s followers when they revel in his rudeness when he is representing the United States abroad? His behavior on this visit to Great Britain is boorish and embarrassing. I guess we have a lot of people in this country with bad manners, like their Fearless Leader. None of them should ever leave our shores and inflict themselves on the people of other countries.

Melania’s devil’s bargain, the one she made by marrying Trump to stay in this country, has to get harder all the time. She can’t stand by his side and still pretend to be a gracious person.

I get that other nations are still trying to come to terms with the Trump presidency. American’s economic and military might can hardly be ignored. Generally speaking, countries that flatter Trump and appeal to his ego fare better than the rest — at least in the short term. Longtime alliances make no difference to Trump — it’s all about bolstering his frail ego in the moment. But the rest of the world has to get that even abject flattery doesn’t buy them much. Trump turns on his “friends” just as quickly as he does on his enemies.

His remark about Meghan Markle being “nasty” is hardly the worst thing  he’s done on this visit, but I’m interested that he insists he never said it even though he’s on tape. Are his followers idiots who cry “fake news” despite the evidence of his own voice, or do they not care that he lies reflexively like a small child caught misbehaving?

History will wonder, not only about the damaged soul that is Trump, but about all the damaged souls who support or acquiesce as he breaks things all around the world — pointlessly,  meaninglessly, just because he can.

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