Conscious Aging: My Six Year Anniversary

I just reached my six year anniversary of being ordained in the Universal Life Church, an online ministry where I got credentialed to perform two weddings. Getting ordained is free and easy, a few clicks in the right places and you’re done. The ULC makes money by charging you for ordination documents required by some states, and by selling various packages: framed ordination documents to hang on your wall, ministerial robes for those really wanting to look the part, cases of official wedding wine for those wanting to emulate Jesus.

The ULC reached out to congratulate me, Reverend Pamela, on my sixth anniversary and to roll out new products, the most expensive of which is a line of official ministerial stoles in vibrant colors. They also now have marriage training courses and marriage licensing written guides. They’ve always had laminated cards you can carry with you to identify you as a minister, clergy parking passes — you have to pay for all of that.

Brother Karl says he trusts my ministerial career is going great guns, and that he hopes some of the new products will be of interest to me. Isn’t capitalism great?

If you’re newly a friend and don’t know what to call me, Reverend Pamela will do just fine. 🙂 No stole or robes or clerical collar though. You’ll just have to use your imagination to see me as the real thing.

4 thoughts on “Conscious Aging: My Six Year Anniversary

  1. for Katie: Why, thank you. My Irish Catholic mother would, I think, be rolling over in her grave at the thought of my being a Universal Life Monastery minister.

  2. I think it’s perfect. Your spirituality is constantly visible in your caring, kindness and concern of others from family and friends to couples marrying and vulnerable Lovell’s ones in Panama.

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