Why Is Trump Creating Chaos on All Fronts?

Trump is busy creating chaos on all fronts at once — with immigration, with the global economy, with a Middle East peace plan. The Cult of Trump believes him to be a stable genius with a method to his madness. Actually, he’s just a really poor businessman with a penchant for thrusting himself front and center in any situation — which fits his chaotic personality and flatters his ego. Think of his history, where he went bankrupt in most of the businesses he entered. He even lost money in the casino biz in New Jersey, which is like a license to print money for anyone even minimally competent and corrupt. Trump was corrupt enough but not competent, and he failed.

He’s busy doing to the world economy what he did in business: trying to earn the title The Biggest Loser. Don the Con.

The business community has been really slow to recognize that there are no limits to Trump’s incompetence. In their world, a guy like Trump would have been fired a long time ago. The business world can’t quite get that even thought he’s president, there’s no “there” there.

Tariffs for Mexico coming up, and God knows what else. Hold on to your hats.


4 thoughts on “Why Is Trump Creating Chaos on All Fronts?

  1. And prior to his visit to England he’s declaring that the Brexit leader (?name) would be a good prime minister and that the UK should get out of Brexit “even if they don’t have a good deal.” Creating chaos elsewhere too! Such arrogance.

  2. for Phyllis: And told Theresa May he wouldn’t pay the EU the 50B exit fee — he’d just walk.

  3. And on Monday morning he’s still at it – tweeting and speaking insults.
    He’s an embarrassment to all and has no shame….or good sense. Still running the country like a Trump enterprise.

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