Buying Tony Soprano’s House

HBO mob boss Tony Soprano ran his business out of Satriale’s Pork Store in Kearny, New Jersey, where I grew up, and out of strip club Bada Bing, an actual go-go bar named Satin Dolls on Route 17 in Lodi. But his TV show family — Carmela, Meadow and AJ — lived in tonier North Caldwell.

Now the real family that owns that house, and owned it when the HBO drama was on the air, is selling it — at a premium, given its storied history. Tony marching down the driveway in his white bathrobe to get the paper is one of the iconic images from the show.

This is a big house, 5600 square feet, and it’s going on the market for a “starting price” of 3.4 million. The owners, Patti and Victor Reccia, are hoping for a bidding war on their one-of-a-kind property. The owners are handling the sale themselves, so you need to demonstrate seriousness as a bidder and evidence of ability to pay in order to be in on the viewing. You can’t just appear and walk around, like the average open house.

The sale price is at least 2x the going rate for comparable homes in the area, so we’ll see how much cachet “Tony Soprano’s home” still carries.

Interested? 🙂

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