Getting to Know Seattle: Neighborhood Public Markets

The iconic Pike Place Market is open year round. Despite its fame as a tourist destination —  especially for departing and arriving cruise passengers — the bread and butter customer is a person who lives downtown and shops there for produce, meat, and fish. Tourists look and taste what’s on offer, but they don’t really buy much.

Each of Seattle’s neighborhoods also has a public market, for the summer season only and usually one day a week. Neighborhood market season has begun. There’s not yet local berries or vegetables, but you can see fresh rhubarb. There were also locally grown mushrooms of various kinds, lots of food trucks, some pastry vendors, a few specialty cooking oils, one wine tasting stand — enough to make the market interesting. At about 6pm, the street was packed. Cello man hasn’t shown up yet, but there was a busker playing a horn, and a local string band entertaining people sitting on the grass eating supper. You can bring, or buy from a food truck, and enjoy the music.

I quite love going to the market. There’s one vendor that has the most delicious strawberries — I can’t wait. I often have the grandkids, and they enjoy picking boxes of raspberries and blueberries and strawberries. We often buy a four or six pack, and it’s not uncommon for them to devour one pint box each before we get the rest home.

2 thoughts on “Getting to Know Seattle: Neighborhood Public Markets

  1. Makes me long for Rochester’s public market. We have weekly farmers markets here too, but they tend to be small, 8-10 vendors at most, and they are open mornings through early afternoon. Your neighborhood ones sound like fun.

  2. for Phyllis: Our market opens around 3pm and begins to close down around 7pm, so it’s designed for people after work who’ll come with their families and spend the evening. There’s a big grassy area to sit and listen to the music, have a picnic, eat food from the trucks, and neighbors show up and socialize. It’s not nearly as big as Rochester’s public market, although Pike Place is, but serves the neighborhood well.

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