I don’t start out as a Biden fan, so I’m not looking at his campaign with very favorable eyes to start with. That said, every time I see  pic of him campaigning, I think how old he looks. He’s not campaigning much. His staff says it’s because he’s the front runner. I think it’s because they are trying to conserve his energy.

He’s leading in the polls, and raising money at a respectable rate. But his crowds are on the small side, and quiet rather than enthusiastic. His people say the smaller crowds are because people already know him, and they are older and quieter and not prone to act like the Trump cult of snarling rally-goers.

That may be true, but I think small crowds and muted enthusiasm are a real problem and a serious warning sign for the Biden campaign.

We’ll see when Biden gets on stage with other Dem hopefuls. I’m hoping he looks like what he is: a man whose time has passed. I’m hoping for the clear emergence of a younger, smarter, more persuasive front-runner.

In 2014 the Atlantic published a piece by Dr. Ezekiel Emmanuel, which talks about 75 being a reasonable life span for all but the most exceptional among us. Periodically they put the piece up again, and I saw and re-read it in recent days. You can agree or disagree with Emmanuel’s specific points, like not taking antibiotics after 75, but the piece in general is a really good argument about why a guy as old as Biden ought not to run. You might say that Trump is no spring chicken either. I know, and look how that’s working out.

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