What Roe v. Wade Has Meant to All Women

One of the more thoughtful articles on how overturning Roe v. Wade will negatively affect all women’s lives.


Here’s an article about how cruel the new laws are for providers trying to offer health care to high risk patients who are pregnant.


Life is not easy. Life requires all sorts of difficult trade-offs. The pro-birth zealots. who privilege a fetus in utero above all else have no idea of the havoc they are causing in actual women’s lives. Life is much more nuanced and complex that the single issue focus allows, and the harm being done by these self-satisfied and oblivious red state legislators makes me furious.

2 thoughts on “What Roe v. Wade Has Meant to All Women

  1. Two good articles. Had seen the WAPO one but not the New Yorker. I hope people keep writing things like this. Unfortunately, the people who should read them probably won’t.

  2. for Phyllis: The shocking ignorance of the legislators who are voting these terrible laws makes me furious. They hold on to a simplistic notion of “pro life” without any sense of what women and families go through with an unwanted or doomed pregnancy.

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