More on the Abortion Wars

Michelle Alexander is a New York Times opinion writer. Here, she talks eloquently and honestly about her decision to have an abortion following being raped in her dorm room at Stanford, in her first year of law school.

Her mother, to whom she turned for advice, had been raped too, at around the same age.

Alexander shared her experience with her 12 year old daughter, in response to the girl’s question about what her mother thought about the the abortion wars.

I don’t know if it would make any difference to the male Alabama legislators who voted the fetal heartbeat bill, or the legislators of any other states with similar bills, to listen to someone like Alexander. She isn’t poor, or seemingly vulnerable, or someone easily silenced. She was at Stanford, in law school. She’s a New York Times columnist. She’s strong, and bright, and courageous.

And she was raped, and impregnated, and decided to have an abortion — which was available to her in the state where she lived.

I don’t know if sharing the stories will change the heated, polarized fight over women’s reproductive freedom. But in the past, nobody talked about having an abortion. Now, women are speaking out. It has to make some difference.

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