Getting to Know Seattle: Copper River Salmon

In Seattle fresh salmon often comes identified by the name of the river where it was caught. The best and most coveted is Copper River salmon, which is available for about three weeks starting now. The cost is always highest the first week. Right now, Copper River king salmon is selling for $60 a pound in local markets. Last night I went to a lecture on Georgia O’Keefe at the Seattle Art Museum, and I stopped in for supper prior to the talk at Steelhead diner near Pike Place Market. They were offering a 7oz dinner serving of Copper River salmon for $65. I passed.

Nearby Japonessa serves Copper River salmon sashimi style. I’ve had it before, and it is heavenly. No idea what five thin slices of fish might cost this year.

Is any fish worth $65 a pound, even something as wonderful as Copper River salmon?

I’ll likely wait a week or two until the price drops a bit, then indulge. Wonderful done on the grill.  🙂

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