Trump the Drama Queen

Trump walked out of a meeting with the Democratic leadership that had been planned to talk about infrastructure. Is he cracking under the pressure of House investigations, or is this part of his Drama Queen act to rile up his base? Or a bit of both?

Who knows. The show on his end was definitely planned. He has nothing to bring to the table about infrastructure, so he had to create a diversion. But he also might be cracking. People with narcissistic personality disorder can be pushed over the edge by two things: the feeling that they are not in control, and the fear of being exposed as a sham. I’d say Trump is in danger of both.

I think Dems should continue pushing the investigations hard, just in case there’s a chance that the mere existence of multiple investigations will send him over the cliff. People are knocking on so many doors of his shady and miserable life — all they have to do is crack one open, and I suspect the whole fake edifice that is The Donald will come crashing down.

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