Conscious Aging: Getting My New Modem Powered Up

As I wrote about the other day, Comcast/Xfinity, the local service provider for a majority of Seattle households, structures their business in a way that forces you to consider a new package every time they raise their prices. Their goal is to upsell you on new products and services. My goal is to keep my monthly fee under a set limit.

They bundle their services in a way that makes it more expensive to buy just what you need/want. I have no interest in their voice or home security products. I do want fast internet, and a cable package that allows me to see a limited range of things — like the Tour de France and WNBA games — that go beyond basic cable but don’t fit neatly into a bundle. The lowest internet speed that you can get as part of a package, 400Mbps, is way more than I need.

It’s a recipe for frustration.

Ben and Sara and I went out for breakfast on Sunday, and they came over to help me install the new modem that I bought to accommodate the faster internet that comes with my new package.

I was tempted to try to install the new modem myself, but I’m glad I didn’t. There was nothing intuitive about it, and the online series of steps that was supposed to work didn’t. Ben had to call tech support to get the thing up and running, which we finally did.

All set for another year, at which point this merry go round will spin again.

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