Trump’s Essential Cruelty

What is the matter with this man, who has inexplicably won the uncritical fealty of religious conservatives? Trump has apparently involved himself in the minute details of the proposed wall, demanding that it be painted black so the metal slats will be too hot to climb, that it be 30 feet high so people will be more badly injured if they fall, that there be sharp spikes on top so the hands of those who reach the top will be sliced to ribbons.

He relishes these details, with all of their inherent cruelty, thinking up new twists to cause pain wherever he can.

I hardly know where to begin.

2 thoughts on “Trump’s Essential Cruelty

  1. A cruel,immoral, inhumane, narcissistic, totalitarian person. A role model for the right wing? NOT! Delusions abound.

  2. for Katie: He really is a very troubled human being, who delights in cruelty to people he perceives as weak. Melania made a devil’s bargain indeed when she hooked up with him to get citizenship and stay in the country.

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