Conscious Aging: Breaking 100,000 Steps

For the first time since last summer, I broke 100,000 steps in a week. That is a fraction under 45 miles, a bit more than 6 miles a day on average. I spent a little over 2 hours a day walking, not always at once but spread out during the day.

Spending a lot of time out and about in Seattle’s gorgeous spring weather.😊

The count starts at zero again every Sunday.

4 thoughts on “Conscious Aging: Breaking 100,000 Steps

  1. for Katie:You’re lucky to get a good number of steps in during work just going from unit to unit in the hospital. I imagine you’re too exhausted when you get home from work to do much more. I would be.

  2. That’s great. I have never hit 100K. Yesterday I had just over 14K but it’s the day that I walk shelter dogs so always have 6500 – 8000 by 9 a.m. (except when it’s pouring rain and the dogs just want to get out to do their business and get back to their kennels).

  3. for Wendy: Glad you’re still doing this. Does Gracie smell the other dogs on your clothing when you come home?

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