Impeaching Trump

I’m really torn about the question facing House Democrats: whether to initiate impeachment proceedings against Trump. On the one hand, I have a lot of confidence in Speaker Pelosi’s political judgment. She wants to focus on issues that can defeat Trump in the 2020 election. She rightly points out that there is no bipartisan support for impeachment, and no great public outcry — although there wasn’t for impeaching Nixon either until the case was laid out for the public during the actual proceedings.

That said, I’m with Walter Dellinger in thinking that the Mueller report shows Trump has grossly violated his oath of office, and is getting away with it.

Trump’s brazen strategy of rebuffing all Congressional oversight may eventually be shut down by the courts, but that prospect involves a long and winding process. Right now, Trump is succeeding in thumbing his nose at any and all Congressional review of his corrupt actions.

The biggest problem for me is that everything Trump has done since being elected is consistent with his pattern of shady behavior going all the way back to the 1970’s as a business man in New York, and his supporters don’t seem to care. There’s nothing about Trump’s behavior now that we didn’t see before the election.

I know that to a certain extent people are transactional, and that getting some of the big things you want allows you to overlook a lot. I know that a certain percentage of voters have personalities that lean toward autocratic leaders whose bluster makes them feel safe. I know that we live in a highly polarized political climate, where people vote party labels. Are those three factors enough to explain the support for this inherently cruel, deeply flawed, profoundly intellectually limited man with the attention span of a fruit fly? Maybe so.

2 thoughts on “Impeaching Trump

  1. Bravo to the two federal judges who have ordered the full, unredacted testimony from Michael Flynn to the special counsel released to the public. It sounds like more proof of obstruction.

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