Conscious Aging: Guessing Game

I write this with friend Louise’s permission, of course.😊She arrived at our favorite breakfast spot with a plastic bag filled with small change, which for some reason struck me as oddly funny.

You know how you sometimes get mailings asking you for money to support one cause or another, and the inducement to open the appeal is a penny or nickel or dime showing through the envelope, or in the case of a charity trying to save elephants, a magnificent shiny 50 cent piece? Louise saves all those dribs and drabs of small change. This bag is the accumulation of 10 years.

After breakfast she took the lot to a local bank branch, expecting a coin sorter, but no luck. They sent her home with paper coin sleeves to sort and wrap it all herself.

This is something I’d never do, although I do get those nickels and dimes from time to time. I throw them in a cup in my kitchen closet. Sometimes my grandkids cadge a bit of change from the cup.

When Louise has her small fortune sorted she’s going to donate a check in that amount to one of the charities — probably Save the Elephants.

I was trying to guess what ten years of coins might add up to. Random guess: $36. Shot in the dark. Let me know your guess, and when she has it counted I’ll let you know.

4 thoughts on “Conscious Aging: Guessing Game

  1. My mother-in-law saved change for many years. She took the money to the bank when they still had coin sorters. I was going to base my guess on how long she had saved and what she got. But, of course, I can’t remember! Hoping my husband would, but his memory is as bad as mine. So, I am just going to say $60………..

  2. for Ada: I should be a good friend and go help Louise sort the coins into those paper folders. She has out of town company right now. Results soon. 🙂

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