Getting to Know Seattle: Small Gems

Seattle is a great food city, and a lot of our real gems are small neighborhood places that have been here a long time but continue to innovate and offer great food.

Black Bottle is in my old neighborhood of Belltown. On offer are small plates, which means that two people can order three or four things to share and be very satisfied. I love the small plate idea, rather than ordering “dinner”. Add a great wine list and a few fancy cocktails, and you’re all set.

Some of the small plates at Black Bottle are always on the menu, like grilled flank steak and charred broccoli. I like the taste of the broccoli but the serving is HUGE, way more broccoli than even two people might want to eat. Then the place innovates with occasional items, something like grilled halloumi cheese — a Middle Eastern specialty — with dates and sauteed veggies. Honestly, the dish was the best thing I’ve ever had there.

We rounded out with the flank steak and a light salad plus a glass of good Malbec for me, and it was the perfect after-movie late evening meal.

If you come to Seattle, don’t go only to the “name” places. Suss out these little neighborhood eateries, and enjoy. Worth the effort. 🙂

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