Conscious Aging: Pushing Out My Daily Steps

In the winter when it’s rainy and chilly and windy in Seattle, I get in my 10,000 steps a day but it’s a challenge. Many days I do that indoors on a treadmill, combining my gym time with resistance training. But once spring arrives, the outdoor weather is gorgeous, and I’m tempted to push my daily steps to 12,000 or beyond.

You can only do this if you’re retired or not working, I think. Yesterday I got in 13,400 steps, which was just under six miles and took 170 minutes. I had a destination: walking to South Lake Union for a cut and color. Then I continued downtown for lunch. Then I walked part way home, although I took the bus up the steep part of Queen Anne hill. I was a bit of a wuss there.

FitBit steps measurements are relative. I’ve walked with people, both of us wearing FitBits, and our step count can be as much as 1000 steps divergent. You’re supposed to be able to customize your stride, but I haven’t figured out how to do that. I just figure I’m keeping tabs on relative number of steps per day, and the active time at least is accurate and consistent.

So far this week in four days I have 58, 341 steps. My total steps for the week will be a strong number, over 90,000 I hope. Not likely to reach 100,000 steps. That’s really blowing it out of the park, although I reach 100,000 occasionally.

People have different goals in retirement, and pushing mobility is clearly one of mine.

4 thoughts on “Conscious Aging: Pushing Out My Daily Steps

  1. Love my Fitbit. We have had lots of rain and raw weather lately which makes it harder for me to walk outside since I want to avoid a chill. Great tool however. If I am shy a few thousand steps by early evening it’s my incentive to go for another walk.

  2. for Wendy: We’ve had an early and beautiful spring, but I know it’s not that way everywhere. Hard to exercise outside when it’s cold and rainy.

  3. Motion is a discipline for every age, Pam, or work status 🙂

    Thanks for the inspiration towards motivation. After writing some today (thanks for that inspiration today, too, my friend), I’m hitting the streets – and the gym. Moving bodies – moving minds And, boy, do we all need to get moving!

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