Trump’s Bullying: Be Careful What You Wish For

Trump has shown himself to be a bullying and erratic leader on the world stage, threatening our European allies that it’s his way or the highway. According to Foreign Policy Daily Brief, our allies have a different plan: their way. The Pentagon is furious, because U.S. defense contractors might miss out on lucrative business deals.

Transatlantic defense tensions. The United States, especially under Trump, has repeatedly badgered Europe to increase defense spending. But now that Europe is taking concrete steps to boost a pan-European defense industry, Washington is reportedly howling mad,according to Spanish daily El Pais.

The Pentagon sent an angry letter to officials in Brussels, the paper says, arguing that two new defense initiatives—the European Defence Fund and Permanent Structured Cooperation—could cut out U.S. defense firms and erode decades of close cooperation between the United States and other NATO allies.”

This is head-shakingly ridiculous, because the erosion of decades of close cooperation has been deliberately and cavalierly blown up by Trump in the last two years, not by Europe. Our new Def Sec nominee, Boeing executive Shanahan, need look no further than the Oval Office for the source of the U.S. defense industry’s potential problem.

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