Getting to Know Seattle: Cruise Season

Cruise season is in full swing here, which means three ships in port each Saturday and Sunday — six departures total — plus the odd ones during the week that are 11 or 17 day cruises.

That’s big business for the local economy, and not just from tourists spending dollars here for overnight hotel stays, restaurants, visits to Pike Place Market and the waterfront. Cruise passengers disembark by about 9:30am, after breakfast. Their luggage is offloaded beginning much earlier. Between 9:30am and around 11:30am when the new group begins to board, the entire ship has to be cleaned, restocked, all the linens turned over, repairs made, new passenger luggage brought on — a huge endeavor and a massive logistics challenge.

The pic below shows two ships at the Magnolia docks, the Holland American one just visible behind the larger white ship, which could be Celebrity. In front of the cruise ship you can see three large commercial fishing vessels, and of course one of Seattle’s ever present tall cranes working on construction of a new commercial building just this side of the ship channel. Olympic Mountain range in the background.

2 thoughts on “Getting to Know Seattle: Cruise Season

  1. Beautiful! We are presently on a Viking ship in the Baltic. The people at our ports of call depend on the income. Some are expanding the harbors to accommodate even bigger ships. Shipping has historically been an important global industry. Now cruises ships have replaced the sailing ships as people travel the globe in luxury.

  2. for Katie: I understand that in the tiny harbor of Charlotte Amalie, there can be up to five cruise ships in port at once. Important source of revenue for the island, despite the crowding.

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