Conscious Aging: My Birthday Season

I just sort of arbitrarily declare that everything good that happens in May is part of my Birthday Season. Louise and I went to breakfast on Friday at our regular place, and our usual server treated me to a mimosa — a very sweet gesture. She knew it was my birthday because Ben, Sara and I had gone there last Saturday, and I declined the offer of a mimosa because I was still taking cold meds. She said, “Next time you’re in, then”, and made good on her promise.

I am a very lucky woman. I have reasonable health in this my 74th year, family and friends who care about me, people who share my interest in walks and happy hour and films and plays and museums and all the good things Seattle has to offer. I have enough money to make sensible augmentations to my newly expanded kitchen, like my knife set. I’m learning new skills, like gardening, with lots of coaching and encouragement. I’m actually improving my skills on things like crossword and picture puzzles. Friend Phyllis sent me an online puzzle of Panama City’s tall buildings, and rather than get frustrated halfway through and deleting it, I finished and was thrilled. Took me 4x longer than “average”, but finishing was an accomplishment for me.

My two grandkids still light up when they see me and yell “Grammie!”

I have gorgeous lilacs in my back yard.

My randomly sore ankles — a touch of arthritis, I suppose — got better with some ministrations during a massage by Nicki and can now be consigned to “random blip and no big deal”.


Life is good. I never miss a chance to feel blessed and grateful.

4 thoughts on “Conscious Aging: My Birthday Season

  1. Glad you are sticking with the on-line puzzles! I’ll keep you “in shape” periodically. Next time it will be a different shape or size, but within your comfort zone. Or you can on your own go to

  2. for Phyllis: Puzzles are definitely something that I get better at with practice. Have continued with the Atlantic online puzzle, and generally have a 200-300 piece underway here that I do with the kids when they are over. Really liked that Panama cityscape one! Thank you. Just about my expertise level.

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