Conscious Aging: Augmenting My Kitchen

I did have a set of sharp knives in a block on my kitchen counter when I lived on San Gabriel Drive — of course I did. Everyone who has a kitchen has such a thing. I can visualize mine.

Somehow over the last three moves, my knife set vanished. Truth to tell in my loft apartment with the postage-stamp sized counters, I didn’t have room and I may have donated the knife set to GoodWill. But I’m hearing the frustration of my adult kids, who now come for cooking out in my back yard more often. “Mom, you don’t have one decent knife in this house. I don’t know how you manage.”

For those new to the blog, I did a huge winnowing and cutting down of my possessions when I left Rochester, and again when I moved from 1200 square feet to 900 square feet.  I don’t want to go into reverse mode and re-acquire a lot of stuff.

But just as I got tired of saying, “If you’re making guac bring your own mixing bowl” and bought a set of brightly colored bowls in various sizes, I got tired of handing the kids a small serrated steak knife to cut a tomato. Voila!


2 thoughts on “Conscious Aging: Augmenting My Kitchen

  1. for Katie: A good knife set really is essential. I don’t know why I resisted for so long.

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