Budding Gardener: Starting an Herb Garden

I have lots of skilled gardening friends, and they are kind and supportive and encouraging about my branching out and trying things. The first thing of which they had to assure me is that things die, even for experienced gardeners, and it doesn’t matter much. Plant something else that will do better in the space.

Or check for aphids sooner.

Both Nicki and Phyllis have suggested that a small fresh herb garden would fit nicely with my expanded cooking and grilling activities. Phyllis just reminded me, and I went on Amazon to order a set with everything I need.

I know — I could easily go to Swanson’s Nursery and buy the little plants and whatever else goes into nurturing an herb garden. But it’s less stressful for me to order the complete deal, and have it come with an idiot proof guide.

The herb garden launches on Monday. Amazon Prime, of course.  Two day delivery.

2 thoughts on “Budding Gardener: Starting an Herb Garden

  1. for Phyllis: As I cook more, I think I will really enjoy fresh herbs. I bought some dried mint at the store, and it worked in the recipe but fresh would have been so much better.

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