Conscious Aging: Budding Gardener

Friends who are lifetime gardeners know, I’m sure, that you have to check your plants for things like aphids and other pests. In just the same way, people who are longtime dog owners who live near tick-infested woods know you have to check your animal upon returning from a walk.  I call these things “the wisdom of experience”.

My nascent gardening skills, coming along so late in life, have not included the notion of checking my plants. Nicki first noticed the aphid infestation when she and John were here for the barbecue last Saturday, and my houseguest Jane — whose mother was a gardener — pointed out the same thing. The proposed remedies included soapy water and ladybugs, which you can order online but rarely stay where they are released. I like the ladybug idea, but got busy with soapy water. There were about a zillion aphids or eggs, and I hope I haven’t let the plants go too far. I have three of these in my front garden, and they are all infested. As far as I can see, no others are.

Tossing in a pic of my azalea — not infested, just to show you what a perfect climate we have for azaleas.


4 thoughts on “Conscious Aging: Budding Gardener

  1. Yes, green plant (leaves and flowers) in the first pic. Too bad about the aphids but it sound like you are attacking them in the right way. You can also buy bottles of insecticidal soap spray which you can zap them with. Gardens always give you challenges – racoons, aphids, and multiple other critters – but it’s fun to outwit them, sometimes! 🙂

  2. for Phyllis: I’m just a bit chagrined that it took me so long to look — the aphids got a zillion-member head start on me. 🙂

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