Whither the Raccoons?

Friend and regular reader Jackie asked “whither the raccoons?” Not here, clearly.

I never did get two dead raccoons for my trouble. In Seattle, you can’t trap and relocate. If you catch them, the raccoons have to be killed. That’s why you have to jump through so many hoops to set traps in the first place.

My yard guy, Gonzalo, says there is now enough food around so raccoons don’t have to go to the work of rolling up sod to find grubs. And, the grass is rooting more deeply, so the work of rolling up isn’t so easy.

I didn’t go to the expense of putting in an irrigation system, so I’m going to have a devil of a time keeping this grass and all my plantings watered during our very dry Seattle summer. But right now it looks gorgeous.

Early morning, when the sun was still low.

4 thoughts on “Whither the Raccoons?

  1. Get yourself a “spritzer” that throws water round and round or one of those long sprinklers with many holes that goes back and forth. Both attach to the end of a garden hose and both can cover a lot of ground. Glad the racoon problem is solved. Hope you don’t get moles/voles. We are inundated again this year. Our “best mole guy in Myrtle Beach” didn’t catch a one last summer. They evaded his traps over several months. To gardening!
    Did you plant your pot of kitchen herbs yet?

  2. for Phyllis: Not yet. Thanks for the reminder. Do herbs want sun, or shade, or a mix? P.S. We had voles in Rochester. One year Broccolo planted 200 daffodil bulbs and the voles ate 197 of them. We got precisely 3 daffodils for our effort. And no, we didn’t catch any either.

  3. for Phyllis: OK, ordered from Amazon. I know it’s easy to go to garden store and buy what I need, but honestly it’s less stressful for me to get everything in a package with idiot proof instructions. Coming on Monday. Appreciate the nudge. Am cooking/grilling more than I did when in apartment, and fresh herbs will be welcome.

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