What To Call Trump?

Trump is attempting to goad the Democrats into impeaching him. That’s a battle he’s sure he can win, because he knows Republicans in the Senate will never oust him from office. If they ever did, Trump thinks “his” five Supreme Court justices would protect him.

We’ve never had a president so disdainful of Congress, of the rule of law, of the core principles of democracy. We’re ill equipped to deal with it.

Speaker Pelosi thinks voting Trump out of office is the best way to defeat Trumpism, and she’s probably right as long as Dems win the White House in 2020. If not, not.

I think the best way to get Trump off his game, so that his appeal to independent voters is less, is to humiliate him — not to attack him head on. He’s used to that, and indifferent to it. But he can’t stand humiliation.

In light of the NY Times article on the immensity of his business losses — his self narrative of “successful business man” really is an entirely made up story — Dems should all start calling him The Biggest Loser.

I think it’s ironic that the only time Fred Trump seems to have lost money is when he invested in one of Donald’s buildings.

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