Getting to Know Seattle: Sculpture Park

I lived in Rochester, NY, for almost all of my married/raising a family life. Upstate New York is an attractive part of the state, but people pretty much don’t come to Rochester unless they have a specific reason or person to see. Rochester is not a national tourist mecca, although the nearby Finger Lakes region might be.

Seattle is an international tourist mecca, and you might wonder if, living here, I get tired of showing people around. The answer is “not in the slightest”, because each visitor has a set of interests and a wish-list of things to see. For my weekend guest Jane, that meant notable architecture of Seattle.

After walking to The Crumpet Shop — we departed the house at 7am to get there before the normal morning crowds, and it’s a 50 minute walk — we headed for the Amazon Spheres. We couldn’t enter — The Spheres are only open to the public these days on alternate Saturdays, and by reservation. But there is a ground floor exhibit of what’s inside, plus a video of the Tropical Walk. Even though I’ve quite enjoyed my Spheres visit — the place was more open to the public when it first came online — I enjoyed the virtual tour as well.

I didn’t grab a pic of the Spheres, but we passed the Amazon Go store when leaving, and Jane was intrigued enough to download the app — everyone in the party needs the app to enter, you can’t just go in on someone else’s app — and she actually bought a cold drink. You just take your item off the shelf and go — the smart store knows who bought the item, what it was and how much it cost, and whose credit card to charge. No store employees involved. There were a couple of Amazon people there, but not to facilitate purchases. You’re all on your own for that.

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