Best Birthday Weekend

I consider all of May to be my birthday season, but this weekend was officially The Big Day.  Really, this year’s birthday was smashingly good. Weather was gorgeous. I have a friend here from San Francisco that I’m enjoying catching up with. Sara, Ben, and I had a great Saturday morning breakfast at one of the places at which I’m a regular but they are not. The servers had all seen the wedding pics and were happy to meet Ben and Sara live. My birthday barbecue later in the afternoon was wonderful. On Sunday, Cinco de Mayo and my actual birthday, Louise and Jane and I went out for a really nice dinner at a place along Puget Sound with beautiful water views.

A most important part of my birthday was my longtime friends checking in. Laurie has been my friend since second grade. I’ve been friends with Connie since junior high. Jane, my weekend guest and I have known each other for over 40 years. Lots of my Rochester or former Rochester friends sent good wishes, and this nine years after my move. Panama weighed in. My sister Wendy promises to show up next year from her NJ home for the celebration. I feel well and truly loved.

I don’t give up on friends easily, just because there’s been a change of place. And I’m glad my friends don’t give up on me. 🙂

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