Conscious Aging: Birthday Weekend

I feel that by doing a deep dive into rest/fluids and positive thinking, I’ve gotten out ahead of my head cold. Usually if a respiratory infection is going to turn bad, it does so in the first 24 hours. In the past I’ve gone from going to bed feeling only slightly off to waking up not able to get out of bed and sick for two weeks. Scary, how fast even a minor respiratory infection can go downhill. I’ll have to avoid getting cocky, but I think I’m good to go for May 4 celebrations. That means friend arriving from San Fran just after lunch, and family barbecue at 4pm. We turn out enough grilled food for everyone on my little Weber grill, although I’ll probably do the chicken in the oven and we’ll have fruit salad instead of grilled veggies so we have room for the hot dogs and brats.

In my newly expanded bar offerings we’re going to have both Dark & Stormy fixings and gin and tonics with lime. Practically a bonanza.

Our local Cupcake Royale closed, so I’ll have to see what Met Market has on offer for dessert. They do this fabulous chocolate chip walnut cookie that is so decadent even I can only eat half at a time. That with vanilla ice cream would be a nice alternative. You can stick a candle in a soft chocolate chip cookie, right?

My Birthday Season is in full swing, with Cinco de Mayo the actual day. 🙂

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