Conscious Aging: A Gnarly Cold

I haven’t had a gnarly cold in ages, but I have one now — woke up on Wednesday feeling miserable. I canceled everything for the rest of the week and am trying valiantly to get better by Saturday, when my out of town guest arrives and my birthday celebrations begin. Rest, fluids, you know the drill. With my IgA problem — normal amount of resistance to infections but not much capacity to bounce back once I get one — the idea of “pushing through” a cold or respiratory infection is a non-starter.

That’s why you’re not seeing any outside or kid pics for the last day or two, even as Seattle’s spring weather is gorgeous.

I’m not exactly down for the count — am up and dressed and downstairs — but not a ball of energy either.

6 thoughts on “Conscious Aging: A Gnarly Cold

  1. for Ada: Thank you, and thanks for the warm birthday card. I feel the same way about our long friendship.

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