Getting to Know Seattle: Pocket Parks

In Manhattan, a small neighborhood park like this would be called a “pocket park”. That gives you the idea of the size of such a small refuge here in Seattle too. This is a tiny neighborhood park at the end of a street, with a few benches for sitting, a modestly sized lawn for picnics or reading or entertaining toddlers, flowering plants and old growth trees. Traffic goes by, but once you step inside the low enclosing cyclone fence the sound is muffled.

Green space is essential in urban areas. In addition to environmental benefits, urban green space is an oasis of quiet and peace. This pocket park is on one of my 10,000 steps a day routes, and I always make the small detour from the sidewalk to enter and spend a few minutes. Appealing, no?

2 thoughts on “Getting to Know Seattle: Pocket Parks

  1. for Katie: there’s one on 51st, I think, with a wall of water. That park was near my publisher, Basic Books, when How Much is Enough? was coming out. I used to stop in there and enjoy it.

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