President Obama’s Endorsement

Former President Obama isn’t endorsing anyone at this stage of the Democratic primary, which is smart. We all have to see who emerges from among the 20+ people now running.

Hard as he is trying to run with some of the Obama glow, Biden says he agrees with that stance. He says he knows he has to win the nomination on his own.

You know he’d take that endorsement this second if it were offered, and be glad to have it.


The two old geezers in the race are competing against each other, in a way. Sanders gets the younger voter, and Biden the older white voter who toggles back and forth between the Democratic candidate and Trump. Bernie’s socialism scares that voter to death. Biden might have more of an edge with black voters. Neither runs strong, I’d say, with educated women. Biden is like the funny uncle you avoid at family gatherings in order to escape being manhandled, and Bernie is that white haired guy in a suit who keeps wagging his finger and yelling.

Harris, Buttigieg, and Warren are the other top tier contenders, if we can believe the early polls. The debates will matter a lot, and I’m eager to see the candidates on their feet and answering tough questions. I think Biden is going to look diminished on a stage with a lot of other candidates, and crisp, succinct answers are not his strong point. Sanders says the same thing all the time. Warren is great in that format — she’s a skilled professor and good at presenting complex ideas. Buttigieg is strong too.

I’d pick any one of them in a heartbeat over Trump.

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